Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Original Blast

(10 customer reviews)


Dark Energy brings the stimulant experience of a lifetime.

  • Insane Energy
  • Massive Pumps
  • Increased Focus
  • Unlimited Endurance

Dark Energy by Magnitude Life Sciences (Original Formula)


Research purposes only not for human consumption

This is the ORIGINAL Dark Energy Formula!

10 reviews for Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Original Blast

  1. Christian Pennefather

    This is my 3rd purchase of Dark Energy. Very solid product, I highly recommend

  2. Liam Connor

    Very good product research was amazing will buy many more

  3. Jeremy McGlinn

    Smooth happy clean with a nice pump and lite crash definitely a decent research compound

  4. Callum Glover

    This is a high quality Pre-workout. I find I don’t feel much from typical pre-workouts. This one had me in the zone. I had solid energy for the entire lift, with no crash afterwards. Very pleased with this purchase.

  5. Timothy Becker

    This is my second time ordering this pre-workout and it is one of my favorites!

  6. Noah Maughan

    After watching many reviews I figured it was time to try out this pre. Needless to say I had energy for hours through my workout and head mood elevation for hours afterwards. Overall and amazing preworkout that I would definitely recommend.

  7. Seth Waite

    Best preworkout I have ever had. Makes you want to attack fhe weights

  8. Nathan Yali

    It’ll definitely wake you up in the morning I stack this with a half a scoop of non-stimulant pumps works great. Energy lasswell into the night I take it about 11 in the morning and I’m still doing my thing at about 9 at night!

  9. Matthew Strickland

    It’s strong! I’ll be ordering more.

  10. Flynn Stirling

    After trying numerous different Pre-workouts over the years is was great to finally find something that worked for me. It took a little time to kick in but when it did I have energy that lasted for many hours. Had a fantastic long lifting session and still had energy to a cardio session hours later. Not for everyday use though. Recommended.

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